who the hell is lizzie

Who the hell is Lizzie….

Lizzie was created from a wig and a pair of glasses from a salon/beauty shop that was closing down on the Fulham Road, really, that’s how she came to be. The moment she donned her wig she began talking to her good friend Millie Sparkes – it was as if they hadn’t seen each other in a lifetime.

Right away Lizzie began dissing Trump and Covid and touching on important matters that are in the news, sacred and profane – it quickly became apparent that Lizzie had a strong addiction to everything under the sun.

Fear not, as of now, Lizzie is calm and collected – it may not last. As of now – feels as though we are interpreting a fraction of Lizzie, and that what she is channelling through these pages and beyond, is a little distillation of her eternal wisdom. Hence the podcast series that we have enabled her to create,

But enough of this philosophising – what do you think dear reader?

Lizzie’s staff :

Writer /Creator – Alice Frances

Co-writer / wordy-turdy monitor – Joanne Ruocco

Voiceover / Performer – Sarah Lockett

Voiceover / Performer – Alix Perry (Early Lizzie)

who the hell is lizzie
The team so far