Five great songs about the moon

five great songs about the moon

Krishna romances Radha at a secret place. Radha and Krishna are famed lovers in Indian myth and legend. I'm being followed by a moon shadow This morning - while all were sleeping in their beds - I crept outside to see the shining moon go down over the rooftops. How magical! We humans are living … Continue reading Five great songs about the moon

Thursday, 25th March — My Lockdown Diary

Slept well in our accommodation again. Up and out after breakfast, I spotted some dandelions up by the train station yesterday. Armed with a bag, I left site and plodded across the road. Dandelion flowers in full bloom, the tortoise is going to think all her Christmas’ have come at once. Some of the leaves […]Thursday, … Continue reading Thursday, 25th March — My Lockdown Diary

Lizzie battles with her COVID NEWS addiction Summary Lizzie is distraught, she can't stop reading about COVID. Millie shows Lizzie how to conquer her news addiction with a method known as 'ten-second-skimmy-dippin'. It works, but there are consequences, so please don't try this one at home!  Lizzie Snoopes, living in a lockdown world Send in a voice message: